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Welcome! I’m Afeefa Raza, a journalist specializing in TV and radio broadcasting, dedicated to delivering impactful stories and exploring current affairs across Greater Manchester.

Journalistic Highlights Showcase

Featured Works: A Glimpse into My Journalistic Journey

Radio report on Hate Crime Awareness Week

In my role as a radio reporter, I was involved in an outside broadcast, where the initial task was carefully selecting the right location. This task led to an insightful interview with Rabbi Saunders, a Jewish councillor from Salford, discussing the important topic of Hate Crime Awareness Week.

Web report on Salford History Society

As a web reporter, I covered the Salford Histories Festival, an event I discovered through Facebook. I reached out to stall holders prior to the festival, so I could interview them on the day.

TV report on the Autumn Statement

As a TV reporter, I conducted a live in-studio two-way segment focusing on the Autumn Statement. This included an interview with the leader of the Salford Autism group, who shared perspectives on how the statement impacts disabled individuals.

And I believe that good journalism, good television, can make our world a better place.

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