Crescent Radio 97.0 FM

Crescent Radio, a vibrant community radio station based in Rochdale, has been a pivotal platform in my journey as a young journalist. As one of the station’s youngest presenters, this opportunity has significantly boosted my confidence in presenting and improved my journalistic skills. My role here includes hosting shows featuring live studio guests and participating in various community-centric side projects. I’ve also been involved in preparing interviews and questions for my fellow presenters.

Radio News Hub

At Radio News Hub, a news provider serving over 400 radio stations across the UK and internationally, I embarked on a one-week placement. My responsibilities included writing hourly news bulletins for live broadcasts. Beyond bulletin writing, I actively sought new stories to cover, interviewing individuals to bring fresh insights into the broadcasts. Using Adobe Audition, I edited these interviews into several clips, ready to be included in the hourly news bulletins.

Quays News

At University, I had the opportunity to report for Quays News, a student-led broadcast outlet. My contributions consisted of various mediums, including TV and radio, alongside writing articles focused on Manchester and Salford. My experience involved:

– Engaging in TV journalism, where I produced many packages and two ways..

– Contributing to radio broadcasts – also producing packages and live in studio treatments.

– Taking on presenting roles, which allowed me to connect with audiences directly and enhance my presenting skills.

Report on the opening of the South Asian Gallery

Report on the reopening of Manchester Museum and specifically on the South Asia gallery specifically.

Radio two way in studio on Neurodiversity Awareness Week

This radio interview features Emily Britley, a former student diagnosed with Dyslexia and Dyspraxia, discussing her experiences with neurodiversity. Conducted during neurodiversity awareness week, the interview provides a personal look at those living with these conditions. Skip to 5.54 for the report.

TV package on the closing of one of the oldest bakeries in Manchester

TV package on Robinsons Family Bakery closing due to the cost of living crisis after being open for more than 100 years